Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school!

Reaghan had her first day of school today! She was so excited to go ride the bus with all of her friends. I can't believe how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday she was a little baby. Today, she didn't even look back after she got on the bus!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't go daddy!

The kids were a little clingy right after we got back from Vegas. On this particular day, they did not want Marc to go back to work after lunch. Jackson was so upset he almost made himself puke! Marc felt so bad that he ended up taking the older two with him!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reaghan playing ball this summer!
Jackson and Walker!

Our first blog

Okay, I am officially a blogger now! I am doing this blog so that I can keep my friends and family updated with pictures and videos of our crazy family. So here it a little update on what is going on in our life...

This summer has been filled with softball, swimming lessons, and all kinds of other fun stuff! I will be glad when it is not so hot out. Marc and I just returned home from our weekend trip to Vegas! We had a really good time, but are still a little exhausted. I am busy staying home with the kiddos and Marc is staying busy with work. Football practice starts in a couple weeks, so life is about to get busy for us.

Reaghan starts Kindergarten on the 18th! She is growing up so fast! She is a very theatrical and emotional little girl. She is very opinionated and thinks that her way is the best. We are working on that. She loves dancing and singing and she loves to perform!

Jackson turned two in April. I am experiencing new things every day with him. He is nothing like his sister. He likes to jump off things, and is not afraid of trying anything. He LOVES Star Wars and tractors! He has his two year old moments, but he is a very sweet little guy!

Walker is almost 14 months old! He has been the "easiest" baby that we have had! He eats good, sleeps good, and is a pretty calm little guy. He is taking his sweet time when it comes to walking. The other two were walking by 11 months, and although he is pretty good at it, he would rather get to wherever he is going faster by crawling.